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  11 Responses to “SPONSORED BY VALTREX”

  1. hate to be skating against her when she ‘breaks out’… yeesh… didn’t she used to be S. Phyllis, number RU-486?

    Big Tom

  3. One of our new girls chose the name “Smallpox” after I posted this.

  4. You just made my day.

  5. Always thought H. Ivy would be a good name. Have had some trouble getting someone to take it…

  6. Hepatitis B-otch.

  7. Oh man, why didn’t I think of that?

  8. H. Ivy… the number would be + ? Heh! Or something T-Cell count related =) hey, this is still far from the most tasteless names I’ve seen, not even close!

  9. And this is why my name is Haren MahKeester lol

  10. With the skater name Gonnolea, I truly appreciate this cartoon. My team-mates have commented, “you’ll need protection against Gonnolea”…

  11. Herptastic!

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