Jan 102010


  1. The douchtini, pate ‘o shit, cooters shirt, santa with Nam issues, or moronic skater, I don’t know which one to laugh at the hardest.

  2. If you don’t get the “teen steam” reference you are probably to young to have witnessed the mind-numbing crapfest which was late-eighties cable. Google “Alyssa Milano” and you’ll see.

  3. Yeah, this one’s got it all. I missed the “Teen Steam” shirt until you pointed that out. Can’t remember if my kid sis had that one or not. I always found the title a bit suggestive in a creepy way.

  4. I think I got the shit plate at Cooters once… or did I return it like that? What’s the diff? =) you are the funniest thing in derby and my new fave ‘toonist, move over Scott Meyer and Tom Tomorrow! They just aint derby enough! Must have t-shirt!!!

  5. Thanks Bare and Poo-

    T-shirts are coming soon so feel free to give me feedback on what you want. (Female or unisex sizes)

  6. I vote for female shirts in touchy vet blocker sizes, please. Love this.

  7. I require a Large Men’s T… extra sexy, please…

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