Voodoo Doll


Are you there, Bitch? It’s me, Voodoo.
WTF? Flat Track Voodoo is a roller derby comic created by C. Pocaressi, an old-school derby hag from around the way. If you pepper your conversation with phrases like “sisterhood” and “as it were” you probably won’t like it. Go eat a pita.
Why? Almost a decade of roller derby has made me rich and famous beyond my wildest dreams. I’m just trying to give something back.
T-shirts? Coming soon.
Contact me: flattrackvoodoo @ gmail.com
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You may not publish Flat Track Voodoo in print, on television, or other media, without prior permission, unless it is part of an accompanying article about http://www.flattrackvoodoo.com/
You may not imprint Flat Track Voodoo on merchandise without prior permission. You may not use all or part of a Flat Track Voodoo comic as a design element on your own website without prior permission.
Flat Track Voodoo

  8 Responses to “ABOUT”

  1. lets have a pita

  2. Pita party?

    Btw, FlatTrack, thanks for the announcer shout-outs. They are hilarious and the derby announcers are loving ’em!

  3. Damn girl you have a comic book in the making! You are awesome!

    Your trainer

  4. your fuck’in funny!

  5. I find this site certifiably hilarious.

  6. so, where’s the subscribe button, hmm?

  7. yes subscibe button would be great…
    I’d do it
    shits and giggles xs

  8. Voodoo sos una grossa!!! Gracias x compartir tu experiencia y que nos visites en las proximas vacaciones a Bs. As.!!! Saludos!!

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